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Afterschool Matters

Mar 07, 2010  Jan Gallagher

Afterschool Matters Journal is a national, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting professionalism, scholarship and consciousness of the field of afterschool education. The journal serves those involved in developing and running programs for youth during the out-of-school hours, in addition to those engaged in research and in shaping policy. Articles for the journal are solicited from the field, and a range of academic perspectives are considered along with personal or inspirational narratives and essays, book reviews, art work and photographs. The journal is distributed free of charge through a national partners network and is also available in the Publications section of this website.


Spring 2015

Articles by: Kallen Tsikalas, Karyn L. Martin, Anthony De Jesus, Sofia Oviedo, Scarlett Feliz, L. Daniele Bradshaw, Jenell Holstead, Mindy Hightower King, Ashley Miller, Kathryn Ciechanowski, SueAnn Bottoms, Ana Lucia Fonseca, Tyler St. Clair, Jon Gilgoff and Shawn Ginwright

Spring 2013

Articles by: Bronwyn Bevan, Vera Michalchik, Marlene Kliman, Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, Valerie Martin, Harriet S. Mosatche, Susan Matloff-Nieves, Linda Kekelis, Elizabeth K. Lawner,  Christine Andrews Paulsen, Sandra L. Laursen, Heather Thiry, Tim Archie, Rebecca Crane, Jessica Donner, Yvonne Wang, and Michael MacEwan.

Spring 2012
Articles by: Jason Schwalm, Karen Smuck Tylek, Jean L. Wiecha, Georgia Hall, Ellen Gannett, Barbara Roth, Brian C. McKevitt, Jessica N. Dempsey, Jackie Ternus, Mark D. Shriver, Nia Imani Fields, Elizabeth Rafferty, Margo Herman, Wendy Surr, AnnMarie Schamper, Kristen E. Fay.

Fall 2011
Articles by: Julie Maxwell-Jolly; Kathrin C. Walker and Rebecca N. Saito; Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Jimena Quiroga; Angela Eckhoff, Amy Hallenbeck, and Mindy Spearman; Carol R. Hill; Tracey Hartmann, Deborah Good, and Kimberly Edmunds; and Michelle Porche.

Spring 2011
Articles by: Martha G. Russell and Marc A. Smithl Patricia Cole; Rebecca London, Oded Gurantz, and Jon Norman; Jenell Holstead and Mindy Hightower King; and Georgia Hall and Linda Charmaraman.

June 2010
Articles by: Jennifer L. Siaca. Christine Proffitt, Aaron Beighle, Michael W. Beets, Heather E. Erwin, Jennifer Huberty, Justin B. Moore, Megan Stellino, Lori L. Hager, and Denise Sellers.

Spring 2010
Articles by: Ivana Espinet, Dana Fusco, Matthea Marquart, Zora Jones Rizzi, Amita Desai Parikh, Georgia Hall, Ellen Gannett, Heather Olsen and Christopher L. Kowalski

Fall 2009
Articles by: Ingrid Nelson, Kristi L. Palmer, Stephen A. Anderson, Ronald M. Sabatelli, Nancy Peter, Fred Galloway, and Mary McAllister Shea.

Spring 2009
Articles by: Holly Morehouse, Graham R. Cochran, Theresa M. Ferrari, Jill Denner, Steve Bean, Jacob Martinez, Jason A. Douglas, Cindi Katz, Sara L. Hill, Susan Matloff-Nieves, and Lena O. Townsend.

Spring 2008
Articles by: Rebecca A. London, Manuel Pastor, Jr., Rachel Rosner, Mira-Lisa Katz. Linda Charmaraman, Jennifer Fuqua, and Ivana Espinet.

Spring 2007
Articles by: Lily Rabinoff-Goldman, Lanya Samuelson, Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel, Kimberly Libman, Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Kira Krenichyn, Jon Gilgoff, and Susan Matloff-Nieves.

Spring 2006
Democracy in Action Articles by: Ruben S. Austria, Susan Blank with Lucy N. Friedman and Kathleen Carlson, Mary Cipollone, Sara Hill with Gerald Eagle Bear. Elisabeth Soep

Spring 2005
Literacies in Afterschool Programs Articles by: Sarita Khurana, Theresa McGinnis, Mollie V. Blackburn, Jr�ne Rahm, Kenneth Grimes, and Daneell Edwards

Spring 2004
Youth Programs in the Community Context Articles by: Joseph L. Polman, Christopher Wimer, Margaret Post, Priscilla Little, Kirsten Cole, Lisa Wahl Moellman, Jodi Rosenbaum Tillinger, Shuan Butcher, Judith McVarish, Patricia Birkmeier, Susan Wilcox, Khary Lazarre-White, and Jason Warwin

Spring 2003
Articles by: Lena O. Townsend, J. David Betts, Susan Ingalls. Carol Macy, The FYI Writing Team, and Elizabeth C. Knight

Spring 2000
Articles by: Sara Hill, Tom Zierk, Eileen C. Lyons, Shirley Brice Heath, Jonathan Shevin, Chris Young, Jessica Mates, Arva Rice, and Paul Whyte