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The Robert Bowne Foundation supports the development of quality programs that offer literacy education to children and youth of New York City, in the out-of-school hours, especially for those living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Please note the Foundation is closing in December, 2015, and we are no longer accepting proposals or inquiries. We are funding only our current and former grantees.

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? How Do We Get There?

Oct 29, 2015  Anne Lawrence

In this Networking Meeting, through hands-on activities, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned about literacy, what comprises “good” learning experiences and what kind of learning experiences are needed to continue their professional growth. 

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Notes from Best OST Literacy Practices: Bookmaking - Engaging Young People in Creative Expression May 14, 2015 Networking Meeting

Jun 28, 2015  Suzanne Marten, Facilitator, Center for Educational Options

The final Networking meeting of the 2014-15 year continues theme of: best literacy practices in Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. The May 14th meeting opened with a welcome and announcement from Anne Lawrence, program officer of the Bowne Foundation; the Foundation has awarded a legacy grant to

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Advocate for OST programs! Become an Afterschool Ambassador

Jun 28, 2015  Anne Lawrence

The Bowne Foundation has been pleased to work with the Afterschool Alliance to sponsor “Afterschool Ambassadors” chosen from OST program staff in the New York City area. As we mark our tenth year of collaboration, we’re delighted to be able to build on the success we’ve

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Notes from Best OST Literacy Practices: Building a Culture of On-gong Professional Development for Your Staff March 26, 2015 Networking Meeting

May 09, 2015  Anne Lawrence

The broad theme of this year’s Bowne Foundation Networking meetings is best literacy practices in Out of School Time (OST) programs.  The March 26th meeting opened with a welcome from Anne Lawrence from the Bowne Foundation.  She began with the announcement that though the

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Spring 2015 Afterschool Matters Now Out

Mar 15, 2015  Anne Lawrence

The National Institute on Out-of -School Time (NIOST) is pleased to announce the spring 2015 publication of Afterschool Matters. Articles include:

Girls' Challenge Seeking: How Outdoor Exposure Can Support Girls in Taking Positive Risks by Kallen Tsikalas and Karyn L. Martin

Global Kids

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Data-Driven Decisions: A Myth or Reality for Out-of-School Time?

Dec 04, 2014  Kim Sabo Flores

This article was originally published in Youth Today.
Kim Sabo Flores is senior vice president at Algorhythm. Contact her at info@algorhythm.io.

The recent economic crisis has intensified challenges throughout the nonprofit sector. Nowhere is the strain felt more than in the field of out-of-school

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